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Friends of Unity January New Year Cardastrophe

Friends of Unity

Ever have a card just throw a fit? This card must have been wanting to stay in 2018 or something because it was kicking and screaming like a toddler that didn't want to get dressed.

It didn't want to be a shaker card. No matter how hard I tried, every time the "2019" numbers went through the Big Shot they came out slightly off. (hid that boo boo with a sentiment)

The foam adhesive somehow made it down before the window sheet (no glass in the window ahhhh!) causing me to improvise and painstakingly draw and cut out the exact measurements of my wonky foam work to fit inside of the windows. Sounds crazy and it was crazy; but I had to save it. At last the window sheets were in place with some adhesive. Felt like I just barely won a boxing match after that.

Then those windows rejected the carefully poured out beautiful gleaming sequins and glitter by rambunctiously jumping out of their wonky made playpens and onto everything else.  At this point it needed a time out. So I took a break and watched a movie.

Time to attach these naughty shaker windows and sequins to the card base. Again... It fought me. It didn't want to line up with the base correctly. Dang it! Had to trim the base and force a fit.

And just as if this toddler of a card had never acted up at all, the Angie girl grew up and blew her magical New Year dust making it all pretty.
(KOTM Nov. 2016 Midnight kisses)

She seemed so innocent now that I made a second card...well not a card, a tag. This time, she was well behaved and I even let her stay up until midnight!

Listen UP! The clock has struck midnight and there are 4 different giveaways this month! One right here! I'm giving away a random Itty Bitty and 3 other Friends of Unity are giving away Unity too. Hop with us and leave a comment on each blog to be eligible to win! Good luck and happy commenting!

Crystal O. Minkler
Kim Klinkovsky
Joyce Verdon
Bobbie Sue McConathy
Eileen Mathys
Jeanie M. Hays (you are here)
Robyn Jordan
Dawn Fields

Disclaimer: Friends of Unity appreciates every single comment we get. So much so that we use our own stash every month for a giveaway. We are NOT sponsored by Unity Stamp Co. But, they DO approve of our hop by lovingly enabling us. We started this hop because we love Unity. That is all. This hop is our way of showcasing our cards made with Unity Stamp; our favorite stamp company.


  1. Oh my goodness... such a naughty card! LOL... but so glad that you stuck with it and saw it through... it turned out fabulous!!! Love love love the tag! Both absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Wow this card is awesome. I love the gold and the festivity and energy I feel when I look at it!

  3. What a great card to welcome in 2019. Glad you didn’t give up on your looks fab!!

  4. Sorry your card gave you such a hard time, but it turned out beautifully!

  5. Lol 😄 Great commentary. Your efforts were well worth the battle. Both are great cards. Happy new year to you!

  6. OMG I love your sense of humor making your card, (spoken like a true Mom) and letting us know the trials and tribulations of card making. LOL Fantastic Creations, love the stamp!

  7. I loved your card before I read your trials but I appreciate it even more now!!! The matching tag is beautiful too ( Don’t want It to get jealous 😁) Happy New year too you Jeanie!!!

  8. Impressed you stuck with it. I’m positive I would’ve given up long before you finished it

  9. Too funny - beautiful card and tag, and after all that, I hope that card goes to someone who will treasure it!

  10. Oh goodness, I feel your struggle! lol I LOVE making shakers, but yep, they can be a pain for sure. Well, it came out just beautifully and we'd never know of any issues without your story. And the tag is just as gorgeous!! Happy New Year!!

  11. Wow, super cool card and tag! Just amazing!

  12. haha, had to laugh about our progress amking the card!! But it turned out so beautiful!!

  13. I am glad it all came right in the end! The result is lovely

  14. How naughty she was,
    but turned out so well!
    Great effort on your
    Carla from Utah

  15. Haha! This post made me laugh. I think both of your projects came out great...but nice to hear that I'm not the only one who has projects that won't behave! Way to tame them into cooperation. They came out great.

  16. Your description of making this card was hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Turned out great after all! Some days are like that....

  18. The struggle is real, we all have them, but your results are amazing Jeanie. Such a pretty naughty shaker card with the perfect Angiegirl in black/gold. And love her in color too on your tag. Just wonderful projects. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy New Year!

  19. We all have those funny creative moments- and your commentary is humerous! Your end product , however, is wonderful!!! What a cool shaker : ) And, your tag is just beautiful- what a cool way to showcase the same image, different mediums! Amazing work- and Happy New Year to you!

  20. Great card, I laughed with you, not at you. Funny how some cards just refuse to be made. Opportunities my tush, trash can candidate and do overs are a way of life in this craft. Lol!

  21. Well..happy new year!! So glad to know not everyone gets it right right away and has to walk away in order to stay calm. Lol — what a beautiful card!! Persistent prevailed!! Love how it turned out even though it was being difficult. Great job!!

  22. We've all had a card that has proven to be difficult! I love how you described your difficulties and how you took a break and then returned to your project!!! Nicely done!!!

  23. Ahh, Jeanie, you made me laugh. The struggle with shaker cards is real though. I feel your pain. Your tag is just gorgeous. I need that lovely girl blowing a kiss. That is in a past KOTM that I don’t have

  24. Beautiful card! I would have never guessed all the struggles that came with it! Great design!

  25. I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one who has a problem child from time to time. I am glad you stuck with the card as it turned out nicely. And that tag is absolutely beautiful!

  26. You are hysterical! Okay, I love this mischievous card so much! Couldn’t tell it had a timeout! And your pretty and vibrant! Love your style, Jeanie, I’m a fan!

  27. what a struggle, well it turned out wonderful! happy new year!


  28. Haha this was so fun to read!! You won a good fight! Bad bad shaker card. Hahaha! I adore you and your projects! I love the shaker card, but that tag oh my! is a beauty!!

  29. Too dang funny, girl!!
    Well, in the end, it's fabulous! I probably would have given up, so I'm really glad you stuck it out!!
    The tag is beautiful!!!
    Fun read!! :)

  30. Oh my goodness, your description of all the card troubles had me in fits as well. I have a special terror of shaker cards because they always give me trouble, so I can relate completely. Your end result though is gorgeous!!

  31. This is was so fun!!! : D
    Your new Year card is so beautiful!!!

  32. I have this stamp and have never used it. Can't wait to try these. The details are outstanding. Love the clock on the tag and 2019 shaker. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Wow! I really love that shaker! So very creative! You totally rocked it! Your tag is beautiful as well!

  34. Very nice card ,love all the work you put in this one,both are beautiful.

  35. So cute and festive--even with the trouble you had.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com


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